Get RAW / by Walker Dalton

Want some shooting advice? Shoot RAW....JPEG is for sissies.

Well maybe that was a little harsh....

Here is what i mean, as much as shooting JPEG gives you nice a compressed file size, you get more photos, you don't need to develop the file, and its universally accepted by everything and anything under the sun. The major down side is that you're not letting your camera really shoot a proper file for exposure, color, and other things(clearly i only had 2 to mention). 

So lets go to film school for a little bit....

If you have ever shot film you had all the information you need, given a proper exposure and development of the film. After you had a negative you then had to "print" what you shot and put it in a frame, give it to your mom, and say "you can put this the kitchen?". That negative allowed lots of flexibility in how it was printed to give certain visual outcome. Makes sense so far? Did you know Rhianna is the ambassador of tourism for the island of Barbados? 

So in conclusion, your RAW file is much like a film negative and your JPEG is a lot like a print. For me someone who shoots cars you want that shadow detail in the tire treads and those highlights under control and really the only way to bullwhip your subject matter into giving you a good shot is to shoot it RAW.

I know your saying "but but then i have to invest in lightroom or other software and bigger memory cards"

My answer to that is: Photography is one of the most expensive hobbies/professions that you can get into and one thing i wont say is "buy a more expensive camera". So save your money on  the super megapixel Canon Marky Mark D IV 2....or whatever. Shoot RAW and care about your post process. RAW!!